We are a research and consulting firm focusing on The Future of Energy, Resources and Materials.

About JXTG Group

Who We Are

JX Nippon Research Institute, Ltd. is a research and consulting firm wholly owned by JXTG Holdings, Inc.

Company Profile

What We Do

Drawing on its accumulated experience, JX Nippon Research Institute deploys its capabilities in the following business fields.

Research & Consulting

We provide high-quality research service mainly in fields such as energy, metals and environmental, and our specialists provide consulting according to client' needs.

Technical Support

We provide technical supprt to solve the issues related to the utilization of energy.


in Refining Technology, Quality Control, Energy Conservation, and Environmental and Safety Management, etc.

Intellectual Property

We provide patent-related services including technology trend surveys and prior-art search.

JXTG Group

  • JXTG Holdings,lnc.
  • JXTG Nippon Oil & Energy
  • JX Nippon Oil & Gas Exploration
  • JX Nippon Mining & Metals